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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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need to admit syd was highly likely to have been responsible for the airstrike that killed up to twenty eight pakistani soldiers and there's already led islamabad to block a vital military supply route to afghanistan. chaos in cairo with fresh clashes bearing up in tahrir square as protesters give the new pm the cold shoulder and work on forming their own government. how big blinded by love left this monster spiraling american politician hold focus on the streets of ukraine.
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but for moscow this is r.t. very good to have you company it's one am here now on our top story pakistan is demanding the u.s. vacate an air base in the southwest of the country where the cia is suspected of launching on manned drone attacks but comes after nato has admitted it probably to blame for a lethal helicopter border raid that killed twenty eight pakistani soldiers. about also cut up a vital not nato supply route for afghanistan in response the instant deals a serious blow to the already strained relations as our correspondent chris frida reports. according to the pakistani military nato helicopters actually attacked a military checkpoint on the pakistan afghan border that checkpoints called salo law in response to this incident actually ask elated pretty quickly and the top is that the military actually shut down that checkpoint which is the shortest checkpoint between pakistan and afghanistan so now all the supplies that were meant
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for nato forces in afghanistan are not able to get over the border in the pakistani military also called this tap quote unquote unprovoked and indiscriminate now nato helicopters are often in this region performing missions against militancy and the taliban in this region pakistan is a very strategic ally to the united states in the quote unquote war on terror and tensions between the two countries have always existed they came to an all time high back in may when the united states performed a unilateral attack that actually alternately killed osama bin ladin just last year the united states accidentally killed two pakistani soldiers on the border and in that incident as well the pakistan afghanistan border was also shut down there have also been a lot of talk about these unmanned drone strikes that have been going on across the
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border by the united states in pakistan obviously the purpose of these missions these unmanned drone strikes is to attack the militants across the border but many times they've killed several civilians and after that there were several protests across the country in pakistan many pakistanis want to cut ties with the united states everyone sort of watching what the repercussions of this incident today will be for the region for. the reaction from the pakistani people to the lakes is going to talk as we've been reporting keeping us up to throughout history though she says some instances of calling for revenge. salutation for the death results reporting that the people who killed been considered not at. all pakistan's calling later raid an attack on its territorial sovereignty saying it won't tolerate such incidents greece is a political analyst from the british play stop the war coalition he told r.t. that the us and its allies are created an explosive situation in an already
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volatile region. whether or not it's a big issue for washington it should be a big issue for the rest of us this is after all pakistan is after all a nuclear state the region is unstable the border with afghanistan is huge because pretext for drone attacks within five pakistani territory we know that the u.s. military regard the preferred for the whole area after as if it's one single state if the puppet regime and it is a puppet regime in afghanistan is so horrified by the attack on pakistan that it is saying that it will back down against the countries that are occupying. i think you can see quite how far this is no this is now run so i think this is a very very dangerous moment i think what the united states and its allies nato allies have done is an extremely dangerous incursion i'm not surprised at the anger of the pakistani of the pakistani people and i think the message should go very
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very clearly the united states without allies you are playing with fire you are risking instability greater instability in an already unstable region and this kind of behavior simply has to stop with gangsterism. still ahead. what's in store for syria what is the arab league using considers more sanctions against the assad regime we asked for the moves we should expect from the western powers next class. i think that in america we're trying to buy whether we have the money or not in the wake of black friday in the u.s. we asked people in new york if crisis has put a black mark on their shopping plans this year. cairo's tahrir square remains a sea of protesters this weekend with tens of thousands having rallied overnight against egypt's military rulers more than forty people have been killed since clashes broke out a week ago his policy has got the latest for you from cairo. the crowds here are
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growing there are all the people that have been rising over the situation these guys were mainstays now we just had an announcement find some sixteen each she finishes eight weeks we say that they have a fairly trappist way what they are calling a civil salvation the government they've named mohamed el baradei is a presidential candidate when he was also a name that was being bandied about earlier in the week as a possible first in the army might approach to be the prime minister as the head of this new government and there are high profile names that have been named as his difficulties a leading physician and leading economist and even politicians so you now have this is the most bizarre situation where you have a government that has been to create fear itself here while there is another government that has been declared by the army and it is worthwhile noting that the muslim brotherhood does not support ahmed el baradei in any way all of this is painting the scenario for growing internal why believe they can only lead to more and waste the one thing that is happening against the backdrop of this political
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posturing is that the violence continues to fly and just this morning saturday he said one person was killed another school people were injured when protesters try to stop come on albums or me who is the new prime minister that has been named by the army from entering a government building according to eyewitnesses the person who was killed was given over by an army of the local we're also hearing from eyewitnesses that there was a lot of tear gas fired by the security forces and indeed these kind of of course on tear gas are coming to us from alexandria where protests continue outside the security building there it has caused leading civil rights activists to start pointing fingers and point to bring international attention to what they say is largely an illegal substance that the egyptian army and police have been using let's take a listen there was so much chaos and there was the a different type of gas that was creating what they call the chemical pneumonia that was very very difficult to treat. one of black people have died from it and
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the police are telling the families of very poor families whose kids have been killed you come pick up the bodies but we're not going to give you a certificate of death to try to to hide what really is going on it's not only here in egypt where protesters feel that the middle east and they started back in january has not achieved the goals that were hoping for indeed we witnessing this same kind of feeling of this important things are people feeling that promises were not kept across the region as my colleague investigated. almost a year after mubarak's fall sorry your spirit is again stained with blood it is not you it's about the dignity of the egyptian people we don't want any more humiliation. here's another revolution see libya the ousted leader former khadafi was killed last month the people of libya are now left with a country in ruins and a government they did not truths i think there is
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a reign of terror going on against those who disagree with the libyan government it's not presented that way in the western media but it is a reign of terror if you speak up right now against the the new authorities in libya you're likely to go to jail or be executed or disappear in the meantime interim government brought to power by nato is strengthening its great on the country nato and some arab states now openly call for regime change in syria the louder they call the more violent the opposition becomes. the states western countries in the capitals of some countries in the region are openly recommending opposition to not hold talks with the assad regime it looks like political probation on an international scale civil war is brewing in syria the whole region seems to be plunging deeper into crisis. while people suffered in the continuing wave of. violence in the middle east and north africa some analysts say certain
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powers might be interested in keeping the trouble boiling there are certain powerful interests outside of the middle east who wants to bring chaos is a rolling scenario discontent and chaos in order that it long term will be militarized directly by nato and that the oil resources of these oil rich countries by large can be directly put under private hands it looks like this so-called transition to democracy in the wake of the arab spring is not going to well more blood is being shared we're looking at an arab winter and maybe a new where spring round the corner as tensions rise and as certain global powers are pushing for regime change in more countries of the region the reagan revolution scooped her own into a notion of chaos i'm going to check our reporting from washington our team. of the syrian conflict now members of the arab league of met in cairo to draw possible sanctions against president bashar al assad the move comes in an attempt to end
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a deadly crackdown on protesters and the deadlines passed for foreign observers to be allowed into syria the measures which will be finalized by thought of ministers on sunday include a travel ban on cd syrian officials the phrasing of government assets and the suspension of flights into the country turkey and austria already expressed their support for the sanctions but robert nyman policy director of just foreign policy told r.t. that the west should listen to syrians of. the french government. talked about in a period of coup or western troops that is playing into the hands of the regime anything that has to do with these issues should be there only in turkey regional players teasingly not friends it's not western europe. western area intervention should be outside of the discussion right now it should be the regional players trying to prove her. political solution
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o. line are reporting on how a fast food change t.v. ad sees the fate of the dictators of the middle east and africa. was. on our website you can check out who else is above was a long time ruler of the guardian's remembering of his now sold. a lot. of american science his mission to ukraine turned into a quest of a very different kind of chemistry tempted by promised love and was quickly left
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homeless hungry and with nowhere getting home now if he selects the story of a man who for love really does. social services in western ukraine were very surprised at encountering this homeless man. he looked exactly like a typical local bun and asked him what he was doing and he replied in english but no regular down and now was he homeless man turned out to be us citizen kerry delayed oh yes scientist and politician last year he even ran for the governor supposed in arizona but failed he came to ukraine on a scientific exchange mission which quickly merged into a wife hunt the lego got in touch with the ukrainian woman yulia we invited him over to chill and i think you'll use that she is definitely working looking for a marriage partner produced through the rest was like
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a bad dream it was and sure enough see that the lego learnt that all his credit cards were blocked after his cell phone and laptop chargers were stolen no money no connection with the outside world and most importantly no we'll yeah a long way from home and love the american slept rough at the train station until he was found by a local social services very seriously ill and is now doing well but that's in terms of trade was a very serious case of new money. the us embassy in kiev came to the lego's rescue and bought train and plane tickets to get him home after more than a week in western ukraine the troubled american arrived in kiev alone as yulia has snubbed him that she arrived did she come to you or you did she actually we met she call me once i missed the call she called me. and said just received the e-mail.
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she said she's going to come by the next generation that will show up and i miss you know that you know how was it for you psychologically you are for my candidate a side of the candidate and now you find yourself middle in the. of nowhere being basically a whole board a train station followed. by words what's happened the next prime minister would speak for her since she worked all of those you know what i see that there is these kind of things happen to people even though ruth brought was really of no concern here we're going to need to you know despite a genuine tom sawyer style adventure in ukraine the legless says he has fallen in love with the country and will definitely return next spring where that visit would be purely scientific or mixed with the personal his still has not yet made up his mind. r.t. reporting from ukraine well placed to say the search for love does not always end quote supposedly you find a one hour website one lucky girl somewhere is going to win colin firth he puts
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himself under the hammer to help the poor to find out what could be on the cards and for the highest they've gone to r.t. dot com for more about. the king's ransom for a place in history no less than nine illegal statues of local businessmen have been removed from a park in central moscow they were cheap to fund either find out how much they're the shell out for their own monuments only doubt them consigned to the scratch was quite a story and it's on our website. because of course holiday season in america with millions they're looking to lose themselves in the pleasures of a shopping spree for many it's a chance to hold on to a lifestyle that's quickly becoming a rarity thanks to the ongoing financial crisis tearing for the world's biggest economies but for others queuing has become a matter of survival as artie's lindo explained. i lost my house my
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business and now i'm just kind of surviving it's difficult for lisa jones to plan b. on tomorrow she struggles to make it through the day the mother of three worries about her oldest son but in the war in afghanistan that she's among the millions of americans who go hungry every day you see families you see the elderly you see pregnant women you see people with polio newsy people you see people have dying well eager shoppers camped out in front of retail stores off black friday joan sleeps on the cold pavement waiting in a different line which turkey i used to be a god dreamer i used to have my own shopping now i deny it i'm in desperate straits so this is a godsend this is my first year here just in bartholomew joined the army after losing his job in the financial industry he can see that even members of the armed
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services are fighting i think anomic battle at home. for the soldiers like a. kid to. remember. them but also want to. post the purpose. this year even the organizers of the give away needed a helping hand you probably never had to go on t.v. to ask for any donations of things like that but you know sometimes god mr due to test you by sunrise the line grew as far as the eye could see this a microcosm of a hungry nation divided by the haves and have nots we haven't spent enough time on job creation all of this wrestling about whether or not the bridge you got to pay their fair share is ridiculous the rich pay their fair share government figures show that los angeles is still the worst place in america when it comes to food insecurity and these long lines for a free trip to give away may be an indicator of that but throughout the name.
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remains a large problem with forty nine million americans struggling to feed themselves going to be with braces sixteen million of those are children it's amazing actually so many people are on the same fifteen hours later in freezing temperatures in a rollercoaster of emotions jones it's not like in knowing chill feet or family this holiday season it just brings up the rest of the rest of the month and. this is a guy. in los angeles. archie. wall street protests is used but from to spread the message against corporate greed dozens demonstrators faced off with lines of police officers in riot gear in san francisco trying to dissuade shoppers from taking part in the big bucks sales at macy's another store with the mayor of los angeles is giving occupy protesters now to mitigate monday to pack up their camp on the lawn of city hall demonstrators
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project. because you can find. the cause report in ten minutes occupy wall street activists have some reason to cheer. wall street is winning hundreds of thousands of bankers and brokers are being laid off that's right there were the baxters that's what we're aiming for here is the right donald application go get a job you present the article starts off introducing john brady the co-head of m.f. global incorporated chicago office he's looking to join a firm now as he's lost his job that believes integrity and honesty are the single most important ingredients to success if you get a job as a florist or a dog walker or something like that where his ability to cause trouble is minimised .
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well we'll use this several bomb attacks if it's the right killing fifteen injured dozens first two roadside bombs hit a truck plant construction workers we return about a grave west of baghdad another attack was followed by three more explosions this time in the capital center bombings comes just two days after a triple blast killed nineteen people in the countryside. or the two thousand sanscrit have clashed with police in central seoul demonstrators are angry over a free trade agreement with the us which was forced through parliament because now for president lee myung bak to resign as they say the deal favors the u.s. over south korean workers lawmakers in the asian country have been working on the treaty now since the us congress approved the deal last month after all debating it was rushed through. action packed pictures here switzerland where jet money he was the baby's incredible flying display using a tale of major. league with the aviation enthusiasm for the helicopter before the
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series the aerial acrobatics high above the alps even join two jet planes and synchronized flights on cue ross's previous airline tix include flying big channel and looping the loop around a hot air balloon as they will for seconds if the parachute goes yes it does be very pleased to know we can slowly by the worst exhilarated but certainly no worse for wear. eyes are also on a different kind of flight would save me much further afield to the red planet that says biggest the most expensive robotic rovers blasted off from cape canaveral on a voyage of discovery approach the nickname curiosity it showed will derive with mineral rich gale crater next oldest and aims to search the surface for clues about whether the planet ever heard of life friendly environment and that is developers go over to plains like forests it's a russian kit that's going to be sniffing out those like also. what is. the source
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of wild flights of imagination and of scientific speculation for centuries the way planet getting there has never been easy many missions have failed but hopes are high for this new radar it's called curiosity and it's two on mars next year the science laboratory and cool to cancel many questions first and foremost if there's ever been life on the red planet or go to mars one of the greatest mysteries of mars is that its surface is streaked with what looks like wilma rivers and streams with almost everyone agrees that it was. with rivers rakes and rains. there was a theory that border evaporated together with the martian atmosphere we seem to have discovered it may have sunk inside the planet in the form of store. for this mission the russian scientists have created a unique device it will point the rover to places where water might have accumulated whether it's in ice or in cased in underground minerals as imagined in
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the blogosphere side fighting to recall. and here it is this ordinary case conceals the dynamic all be that of neutrons what simply down to its friends. it weighs no more than two packs of sugar and may not be much to look at but in fact it's an impressive piece of high tech hardware but the hardest thing imaginable is that this has been downscaled crumpets. based on bore hole equipment used for finding oil the one meter long neutral generator has been turned into a small light and compact one. obviously been here this is the heart of the device this tiny chip produces neutrons capable of delivering up to one meter below the surface. all of the challenge was to accommodate a divisor of onboard a spacecraft and we're not only limited and weighed also had to endure hardships of
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interplanetary flight. and now need them second half a hydrogen detector which will act as the probes aqua navigator for us and we have to work with the rovers like a small car and our device grace trying very hard drives so the true generator shoots newton is going to ground gravity with your underwear if liquid or frozen water is that it can then be measured without a director and the rover comes fully loaded seventeen high definition cameras aluminum wheels that can be steel independently amount laser to zap prize rock and a robotic arm to drill and scoop up samples among other instruments under the hood then you clear powered engine to give it a top quality speed of light centimeters per second with this arsenal once the dam device shows the right spot the lab will start its meticulous work and mankind will hold its breath for one of the most elusive answers in space exploration gary r.t.
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moscow finding this out is go back to the holiday season of american artillery half of us asked people in new york just how much their spending habits have been hit this festive time of year by the global financial rollercoaster. tis the season and once again will this lousy economy affect your holidays this week let's talk about that in a moment it's ok. to. spend a lot of money for european countries. so that's an effect right i personally don't feel. you can enjoy your holidays and shop in portugal is a lot of trouble there with the morning do you think people will have less shopping and different holidays not at all to me i mean holidays i'm from brazil so it comes to helping me there at the house helping you to travel you know i'm from brazil is
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a developing country. personally i don't it hasn't affected me too much i'm a real budget or so has my income went down i just changed my budget so for me it hasn't been a huge problem is it just that the world is bad at budgeting i believe the world or america is very bad at budgeting you're not personally affected tell. us. what that africa where that flows really you can buy anything parchments of something. happening some people are not affected but i'm sure people are affected and so the countries like we're from singapore a i've got friends it's hard to find jobs and stuff like that but for us really overseas so you know as suspected as the ones that. are you scared that it's going to start affecting singapore more. but until then you're shopping and. i think it's
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a great big it's almost like that's what got the economy into a bad place people spending money they didn't have right yeah i think that in america we're taught to buy whether we have the money or not whether or not your holidays will be affected by the economy this year the bottom line is the holidays are supposed to be about money so maybe cutting back this year will be a good thing. still ahead for this hour as promised the ca's report moxon cohere on this channel in just a few minutes time is all programs continue on r.t.e. for moscow. the.
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wealthy british scientists scientists it's not like find at target. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our key.


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